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Broken knuckle & finger strapping


Why would I need finger strapping?

Finger strapping is commonly used for minor finger and knuckle breaks. The strapping holds the injured finger against the neighbouring uninjured finger, keeping the break in a correct position whilst it heals. If you suspect your finger or knuckle may be broken, it is important to seek medical advice as strapping may not be appropriate and you may require a splint or surgery.


How is strapping used for broken fingers & knuckles?


Two pieces of tape are usually used, placed gently but snugly around the fingers as shown. It is important to not place the tape too tightly, and if the fingers swell or the tape is too tight, then it should be taken off and re-applied more loosely




By avoiding the finger joints, the finger is still able to bend, avoiding stiffness of the joints while the break is healing




How long will I need to wear finger strapping?

This very much depends on the type of injury you have. Strapping time can vary from two to six weeks.



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